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What is this?

This is a group email system for Cortes Island - a single "ecosystem" for group emails on Cortes. Any number of email subgroups can be created, private or public, organized around neighbourhoods, organizations, projects, interests, you name it!

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How does it work?

Working with others on something? Sending out announcements to people? Everybody knows how to use email, but it gets messy with groups, yes?

Instead of trying to manage a list of emails in your "To" field or "Bcc" field, use this service and 1 email address for your subgroup. You can create or join as many subgroups as you want and they will be listed here under the menu item "Subgroups " (or not) and the email archives will be viewable to members of your subgroup (or to anyone who is using Cortes Connects if you choose). You, or someone in your subgroup, moderates the list (ie. adding people, info, etc)

This top level of Cortes Connects "" is the parent group (moderated & announcement-only) and all the subgroups are children. You're automatically in the parent group when you join a subgroup. From there, you can join any other subgroup. You can also choose to receive every email message sent out, or you can choose to get a Daily Digest. You can just interact with this system via email, or through the web interface, plus there are many of other features and NO advertising or tracking.

Members Manual:
Moderators Manual:

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Community Rules of Engagement

Sorry, no anonymous users. You'll be expected to join with your real name and email address and own everything that you express here. Thoughtful and respectful-to-others input and participation are encouraged and welcome. Groups or messages that contain personal attacks rather than discussion of ideas will be denied and removed and repeated abuse will result in being permanently banned. (You'll just have to go and start your own group on

Who runs this thing?

Like many other things on Cortes, a volunteer, Ayton wants to help facilitate communication and community organizing. I spent 10x longer configuring this thing than I anticipated and yeah, there's going to be misconfigurations, so let me know and also if you have any questions. You can reach me at or


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