Smelt Bay Neighbours

Hi Neighbours! Let's make sure everyone's looked after. This list exists so we can easily and freely share information and request/offer help from each other--especially during social distancing and the economic disruptions that are likely coming soon, but also about emergency preparedness and issues of neighbourhood concern in general. With that in mind:

  • If you're wondering about best health & hygiene practices to deal with COVID-19, please reach out.
  • If you become ill or are extra vulnerable to infection, and you need supplies or help around the house, please reach out.
  • If you're short on food or basic necessities, please reach out.
  • If you'd be willing to help people with the above things, or if you have extra supplies to share, please reach out.
  • If you're struggling with what to do because work and school have been disrupted, please reach out.
You can email the whole group by writing to If you'd rather offer or request something anonymously, please write to and we'll get your message out. Let's keep showing up for each other. Here's to Cortes community resilience!!!

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